Pre-sales questions

Packages are only dispatched when everything is ready;

Sometimes, manufacturers may delay the shipment time much longer than we expected.

In the long run, the price will definitely decrease, so marstoy are willing to give discounts to pre-sale products;

Choose pre-sale products carefully, even if they have with big discounts.

Payment questions

Due to time differences, customers will receive payment emails within 24 hours after placing an order during working days;

There will be a delay in sending payment emails during weekends and holidays. (Orders placed after 5pm UTC/GMT+08:00 on Friday may not receive payment emails until Monday.)

Please check the spam mailbox first. If you still haven't received the payment email, it may be that the payment email was blocked by your mailbox;

please contact to us via marstoy.net@gmail.com or PM to us on facebook or instagram.

The effective time of the order is calculated from the moment you submit the order on marstoy.net, and the effective time is one week.

You could leave any informations for payment order, it does not affect the delivery;

The delivery will be based on the address on marstoy.net.

You could check whether another order was successfully generated outside marstoy;

If so, the payment is successful.

After we receive your payment, our staff will match your order according to your amount, email and other information.

Common questions

Usually this is a product that has been on the market for a long time and many manufacturers have produced it at the same time;

marstoy think their quality is similar and stable;

If you want a particular model, please pm us.

Yes, marstoy are sorry for this;

due to our special payment system, some of our items are locked by other customers, marstoy cannot provide real-time inventory changes.

Marstoy ship worldwide!

If you find that your region is not in the optional list, please contact us.

The fewer items, the faster parcel-prepared time;

The higher shipping cost, the faster the delivery time.

marstoy.net is a retail store;

if your request meets our minimum order quantity, marstoy are willing to provide these services!