'2023 Big Sale'

these are some new game-rules for the '2023 Big Sale'

  • 1.For orders that only contain minifigures and accessories, and the amount over 20$ dollars, marstoy will provide free shipping.

Need to create an order on marstoy.net first! then marstoy will reduce the shipping fee during the payment process.

  • 2. Set 'Rivendell' will not be in promotion, this set is always the best price.
  • 3. Before the end of December, all orders will come with a cute Santa Claus minifigure.
  • 4.The 1st person who accumulate the highest consumption amount in these 20 days (11.10th and 11.30th), will get a set 21333 The Starry Night; the 2nd and 3rd one will get a set 10308 Holiday Main Street or 21342 The Insect Collection; and the 4th to 7th guys will get a set of 21340 Tales of the Space Age or 80110 Lunar New Year Display.

Have fun everyone! Happy 2023!
Wish you and your family will have a happy Christmas time!🎄🎄🎄

recently marstoy has been frequently raising shipping prices, because the shipping price we provide is the price marstoy actually pays to the logistics provider, so we have been affected with the prices they provide.
The 'Air Standard Shipinge’ has changed the most.
mainly in the ‘USA and some European countries’
shipping price adjustment was affected by airlines, with all lines rising.
Among them, the US line was mainly affected by the US military, and some flights were requisitioned, causing air transportation resources to become increasingly tight. Flights have been canceled on European routes, some flights in Hong Kong have been cancelled, and prices have increased significantly. The increase in orders for some platforms’ Double Eleven and Black Friday e-commerce activities and the surge in cross-border cargo have also become one of the reasons for airlines to increase prices.
and it is expected that the logistics company will adjust the shipping price, and marstoy will complete the shipping rate update on 11.15.🥲
because the RMB against the US dollar exchange rate is continual rising, and the peak season needs has pushed the logistics company to once again raise fees on goods flowing from China to the foreign countries, marstoy team have to substantial increase our shipping rates datas.😭😭😭 11.19th